About Us

Tarun Bharat Sangh seeks to bring dignity and prosperity to the life of a destitute section of the nation through sustainable development measures. TBS aims for the holistic development of men, women, and children, regardless of economic situation, caste or religion. TBS promotes the community-driven-decentralized-management of the natural resources.




TBS is working for the empowerment of communities; we believe in Gram Swarajya- village self-rule. The unique part of TBS’s modus operandi for development is to make community self-reliance. This happens when you invite the community to participate at every stage of development-work for them.


  • Expansion or Restoration of social and cultural values by setting examples in welfare action.
  • Finding a balance between human and natural resource development.
  • Ensuring women participation in the process of decision making.
  • Improvement of the level of education in the community.
  • Incorporation of better health facilities to create healthy
  • Energizing human power, especially youth power, to harness energy to value-based work.




  • The TBS strengthened by constant contact with local communities to evolve a method of working with the people. Its strategy gradually crystallized into five themes.
  • The effort has to be collective one from the community in which all would benefit proportionately from the improvement that would be planned.
  • The collective wisdom could be conceived in an atmosphere where informal communication took place, and every one had an equal opportunity to be heard.
  • All decisions would be strictly enforced, and the community would be its own self-disciplinarian.
  • Each person in the collective community would be individually responsible to carry out the tasks.
  • The community would only use outside help as a catalyst for their guidance and for the facilitation of the work processes.